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The water pouring is the most important part of the Thai wedding ceremony as during this part the couple officially become husband and wife


Joining us with the most significant of your life, run off the single status away at Rawai Princess Hotel , Rawai Phuket Thailand.Rawai Princess Hotel well prepared Thai & Europe Ceremony Wedding package.The Management of Rawai Princess Hotel.

Thai Wedding Ceremony Package

Some of the whole story of Thai Wedding that will make its surprise in Thai wedding Styles, 4 parts of Thailand still on going and the culture still stand on their difference ceremony. Some of opinion that you will be unbelievable from the Wedding Culture of Thailand, Groom has to compulsory sleep at his home by 3 days, before marriage for protection himself, this is some of the intellectual idea from Thai institution, Bride and Groom will being full admiration to both of grand parents, parents and all their cousins, 5 of monks will be in charge to ceremony with the lucky number.

The perfect arrangement in the attractive venue, entrance decoration, flower decoration, blessing water set, Groom Procession of 5 Sets, holding properly by the person whom had been through many matrimony, heart-shape ice carving, wedding backdrop, bride and groom neck garland, corsage for bride & groom’s friends and VIP guests, 3 lbs wedding cake, 1 wishing well book, wedding certificate (non-legal), experienced photographer and photo album with 100 color prints taken during ceremony + CD, small gifts, a bottle of Sparkling Wine for cerebration, food donation to 5 monks.

price of the package : 60,000 Baht

(Rate is net price, inclusive of VAT and Service charge)